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Deaf Dog Academy!

Week 1

If you are ever wondering if your dog who is deaf will be able to live a life as full as a dog who does not have a disability, we'd like to prove to you, YES THEY CAN!

Akela was our dog that inspired us to become experts in focus & connection. If you follow us on this journey, practice these skills, and make it your priority to HAVE FUN WITH THEM, you will achieve amazing results.

Ditch your bowls, stop giving at least 1 of their meals a day in a bowl, and instead of that food as the training rewards for the day!


Buy into this lifestyle with us and your dog will love to work with you, look to you, and for a lifetime. 

When we bought into this lifestyle, this is the connection we were able to build with, Akela ➞

Welcome to week 1!

Rewarding Your Dog

Training Method

Marking Behaviors

Check ins

Hand Touch

Focus Game of the Week

Signals & Signs

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