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Sport Dog Online Classes

Learn from Ben & Anna Rimbey. 4 time Minnesota State Champions, multiple time international disc dog podium finishers, and sponsored disc dog athletes by Hero Disc USA and Nutrisource Pet Foods.

We design our online courses to be fun and stress-free. We want you to grow as a competitor or as a casual backyard enthusiast. All we want is for people to do more with their dogs all while having more FUN! Join us.


Our Disc Dog Academy is an online video frisbee dog course designed to teach you and your dog all of the standard fundamentals to become an amazing team together!

We teach about drive building, connection, harnessing the drive of high-drive dogs, frisbee throwing fundamentals, and much more! We even use games based positive reinforcement training methods to make sure you and your dog are always having fun together on the field! 


Our Freestyle Disc Dog Academy is your most comprehensive guide to the sport of freestyle disc dog! This course is designed for intermediate and beginner players to take their games to the next level.

We use fun methods to show you how we do the things we do in the sport. Learn more about the Freestyle Disc Dog Academy below!

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