Fab Focus Using Games

Date: May 25th, 2019

Where: NE Minneapolis

Time: 10am-2pm

Mini-Seminar to teach you and your dog games to stay engaged off-leash and build optimism in you and your dog!


Do you want a dog who can stay totally focused on you if you’re in a park and a squirrel, dog, or other people come by while off-leash? Or maybe you want to be able to have more focus in your dog sports like agility, disc dog, and more? Or maybe you want a dog that is just overall more optimistic about situations when you are out and about. This is what Fab Focus is, and we want to teach you the fun games that will teach your dog how much more rewarding you are than the distractions all around them. This will not happen overnight. Building Fab Focus takes time, but the best part is that the games you will use to build Fab Focus are FUN!



The seminar is great for:

  • Relationship building for any scenario

  • Focusing on their person

  • Focus during dog sports

  • Off-leash in the park

  • Reliable recall

  • Loose leash walking

  • Confidence building

Fast and Fur-ious Drive Building with Disc and Agility

Mini-Seminar to teach you and your dog how to build speed, drive, and control in dog sports!


If you would like to figure out new ways to build speed and drive in disc dog, agility, flyball and more, this is the seminar for you! We will utilize games and methods to make your dog WANT to go faster, drive through their next objective, all while maintaining control. Even if you have a dog that has a good overall drive, this will give you tools and methods to help bring them up to the next tier, and give you more on how to bring them back in and want to listen to you better.


Whether you want to work on all sports or focus in on one sport, we can do that. You will receive info on different sports on how to build drive, but in your working time, you will be able to do any sports you want.


The seminar is great for:

  • Relationship building & teamwork

  • Speed and drive in dog sports (disc, agility, flyball, & more)

  • Positive training solutions to build drive

  • Helping you position yourself better

  • Helping you direct better

A Sample of Dog Sports

Mini-Seminar to show you and your dog the basics of a variety of fun dog sports!


This is a mini-seminar designed to let you try out a variety of different dog sport competencies. Dogs of any age can test out many sports to see which ones float their boat! Some dogs will take a liking to all the sports, others will probably find 1 or 2 that really intrigues them. This is to give you variety! You can even use this as an opportunity to grow in each sport as well through our help.


Whether you are just looking to get into sports for fun and exercise or to get to a competition level, this seminar will work for people of all goals and aspirations.


Sports sampled:

  • Disc Dog (Frisbee)

  • Agility (many obstacle introductions)

  • Flyball

  • Trick Dog

  • Fitness Equipment

  • Tracking

  • Nosework

  • Instagram

We strive to grow the relationship between people and their dogs. Having a dog should be FUN and REWARDING.

We look to provide you many outlets of learning through Board n' Train, in-home learning, group training seminars, online courses, and more!

It does not have to be difficult. Let us help you and your dog build the bond positively. 

Email us today and let's work together!

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