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Rockstar Agility Academy!

Week 3

Soon you might want to acquire some cones and weave pole tools for upcoming weeks.

This is a link to the plans we used to build al ot of our origianl at home agility equipemnt. We have built jumps, weave poles and teeters from these plans. However, it gives instruction on how to build almost anything you could ever want. Definitely worth $5 for the time put into creating these instruction.

At Home PVC Agility Instructional Guide

You can find less expensive cones but we use these because they work for multiple purposes

Cones we use

For 2x2 weave pole training coming up next week, you can pound 2 PCV poles into the ground. Here is a link to some 2x2's you could purchase as well.

2x2's we use

Rear crosses on the flat

Front crosses on the flat

Front crosses with obsticle

Jump Work

Hand Touch with Motion

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