Build confidence & optimism in your dog through a fun training game!

Does your dog or puppy lack confidence? Do they react to things in life in a fearful way? If so we have the perfect game for you! This is also a game we recommend playing with all dogs & puppies. It will help make any dog more confident.

Name of the Game: Cardboard Castles


Food (great meal training exercise)

Cardboard boxes (finally a use for all those Amazon boxes...)


Build confidence of being a go getter by desensitizing your dog or puppy to weird sounds, textures, and things falling!

How to:

-Sprinkle their meal evenly through an assortment of random boxes.

-Set boxes up in close to each other and slightly overlapping/on top of each other.

-Let your dog into the room and let their nose and senses go wild to search for the food!

-If they seem overwhelmed by the sound of sticking their head in the box or a box moving/falling, set up the boxes more simply for them. Seeing behavior like this is telling you that this is something you will want to practice a lot!

-Could be in session 1 could be in session 50, once your dog is feeling confident with grabbing food out of the boxes, slowly work towards stacking them up higher. Create a small castle. Over time with more confidence build up make the castle a little taller!

It's as simple as that! To see full video instruction, learn many fun games like this, and teach your dog many of the skills that go into having a well behaved/well mannered dog, please check out our Rockstar Dog Academy & our Rockstar Puppy Academy!

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