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Throw out your dog bowls!

WAIT WHAT?! Did I seriously just say to throw out the dog bowl?! Yes, I went there. Your dog deserves more than a food bowl to eat its meal.

When training your dog, you will likely be using food as a reward to pay them for doing awesome! What if you used the food from their meals to do the training? Food is a currency for our dogs. Why put all that money into a boring bowl? When instead you can do something that is more mentally stimulating like training!

You might be making excuses right now on why this won't work for you...

"I get up in the morning and barely have time to get to work on time!"

"After work I am too tired!"

"Too busy with my kids!"

I'm here to tell you all you need to 5 minutes a day for your dog. If you take 5 minutes every day and spend it on training with your dog, amazing results will come. Take 5 minutes to work on a new skill. To improve on an existing skill. To work on focus. To work on your relationship. To work on anything you want with your dog each day!

Studies actually show that dogs want to work for their meals! It is called the Eureka Effect. You know what you have a eureka or "ah ha" moment? Think of how good it feels to discover something or crack a code. This is the feeling your dog gets when you train them and their behavior unlocks a reward like food! So instead of putting it in a bowl, you train with it to give them the satisfaction of a eureka moment!

This is what we teach in our online courses like the Rockstar Dog Academy & Rockstar Puppy Academy. Join us starting now, and let's toss our dog bowls together! Except for the water bowl... keep that.


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