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You're busy, let us do the training to set your puppy/dog up for a successful life!

RockStar Academy

Learn how to work with your puppy and build a fabulous relationship by taking our online course!



We host mini-seminars to teach dogs to focus, play sports and more!

Online Coaching

Whatever you need, we can help coach you in the right direction for your unique situation!

About Us

Build the Bond... Positively! 

Our mission is to bring out the best in your dog through positive reinforcement training! Training should be fun and help you grow an unbeatable relationship with your canine best friend. We will coach you on how to understand and work with your dog with their perspective in mind. Dogs that train with us, learn to love to work and focus on their people. They want to come back when called, lay down and relax, and much more because they learn how FUN that is. Sound neat? Reach out to us and we'll tell you about more!

Anna Privette

When I started Lucky Mutt Dog Training, I just wanted to help people form better relationships with their dogs. This goal is being realized every day as we continue to change the way people think about their relationships with their dogs. With my own dogs, I love to perform in shows, compete in disc, agility, flyball, dock diving and more!

Ben Rimbey

Teaching people how to have more fun with their dogs is my passion in life. I help coach dog owners at seminars, private coaching, and more. I also spend my evenings working with dogs to teach help them grow! I love competing in disc and agility with my dogs as well! 

Our Team

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We strive to grow the relationship between people and their dogs. Having a dog should be FUN and REWARDING.

We look to provide you many outlets of learning through Board n' Train, in-home learning, group training seminars, online courses, and more!

It does not have to be difficult. Let us help you and your dog build the bond positively. 

Email us today and let's work together!

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