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Board & Train

Getting a new dog or puppy? Struggling to work through your current dog or puppies behavioral issues? Or just heading out on a vacation and would like your dog to have fun getting trained and playing sports? These are some of the many situations that are perfect for our Board & Train programs. We offer multiple packages to fit your unique situation and lifestyle! See all of the many options below. 


Dream Dog & Puppy

Start-Up Programs 

4-6-8-12 Week Options

Are you ready to have a dream dog? Our 4, 6, 8, 12-week programs will give your puppy or dog the skills needed to be the canine of your dreams! These programs are designed with you and your dog's relationship in mind. We will show you how to work together to build an unbeatable bond together through positive training.

We use positive reinforcement training techniques and interactive concept games to teach your dog or puppy to WANT to work with you. We want to customize the training in a way that works for you and your family. Some of the behaviors we can work on with your dog are confidence building, calmness, focus, impulse control, reliable recall, sit, down, stay, go to bed, hand touch, leave an item alone, walking with a loose leash. We can also work on teaching skills to not jump on people as they come in the door, inappropriately barking, counter surfing, nipping, and/or play-biting! We can work on all of these skills or specialize the training to a few specifics.

This program is completely customized for each dog and household. We only want to teach your dog the behaviors that will benefit you, and if there is a special area, skill, or trick you want to be taught, we will happily work to make it a reality.


Everyday your dog will get multiple training sessions, socialization, playtime and support as they are living with us in our home, so they will be mentally and physically stimulated.


At drop off we spend an hour going over skills and how to continue on a successful road with your dog. You will get a free follow-up private training session & free access to our Rockstar Dog Academy or Rockstar Puppy Academy to ensure a successful transition!


This program is designed for puppies and dogs of all ages.

Your dog will have a free complimentary bath before they go home!

*Unfortunately we are unable to take dogs that are aggressive with other dogs or humans. If your dog suffers from separation fear or crate anxiety, In-Home training options may be better choice for them.


Programs & Cost: 

Most Popular Choice

Lucky Mutt Start-Up Program PUPPY/ADULT:  ($3,000) for 4 weeks)

Lucky Mutt Start-Up Program Extended PUPPY/ADULT: ($4,500 for 6 weeks)

Best Value-Highest Success

Lucky Mutt Ultimate Start-Up Program PUPPY/ADULT: ($5,700 for 8 weeks)

Lucky Mutt Dream PUPPY/ADULT: 3 Month Stay: ($8,200 for 12 weeks)


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To learn more we recommend scheduling a

15 minute phone call


Dog & Puppy Basic Start-Up

 2 weeks


If you have a puppy that you would like to get a jump start with, this could be the program for you! We will use positive reinforcement training and positive concept games to teach your dog name recognition, impulse control, calmness, focus, recall, sit/stay, down/stay, hand touch, leave it and loose leash walkingIn the 2 week program, most dogs start to develop a basic understanding of these skills. 


Many people want potty training to be fixed through a board & train program. However, dogs typically live a more structured life throughout their stay with us. So while potty training is worked on, dogs will view their home environment with you differently from ours. We find potty training needs to be trained in their normal home environment with structure and rewards. If you are looking for potty training specifically, please sign up for an online or in-person 1on1 private training with us!​

None of these skills will be understood at a high level, as 2 weeks just is not long enough to make these things into "bombproof" behaviors. If you are looking for an even higher understanding of these skills please see above for our 4-12 week programs! However, the 2-week program is a great jumpstart for dogs to get started on the right path and a popular option for many people who are going on vacation!


The puppies get daily training, socialization, and support as they are living with us at our home.  The dogs will get plenty of playtime, so they will be mentally and physically stimulated. Included is a free hour-long in-home session when we return the dog back to you to teach you the skills you will need when we return your puppy to you!


This program is designed for puppies and dogs of all ages. 

Your dog will have a free complimentary bath before they go home!

*Unfortunately we do not take dogs into our board & train programs that are aggressive with other dogs or humans. If your dog suffers from aggression, separation fear, or crate anxiety, In-Home training options may be a better choice for them.

Program Costs

$2,050 Dogs and Puppies of All Ages.

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To learn more we recommend scheduling a

15 minute phone call



Boarding Location & Information

Your furry friend will stay with us in our home in Oak Grove, MN just north of Anoka.


We train them at our house and even bring them with us as part of our family on trips to train them on their skills in multiple environments. We work hard to ensure they can handle multiple situations in life, to help them better handle anything life throws their way!

If you have your dog for a while before they join us for training, we recommend that you start getting them used to sleeping in a kennel. Dogs and puppies will have access to either a large 4'X4' kennel or a size-appropriate kennel in our home. Most dogs and puppies are so tired after training and playing that they will be sleeping between sessions but they will have plenty of room to stretch out comfortably in their kenneling area and have access to chews and fresh water at all times!

What to expect:

Our programs are designed to teach your dog or puppy the ways of the world. Many of our programs will teach all of the basic commands and behaviors to set them up to be the best versions of themselves. All of these behaviors will be taught through positive training techniques and fun concept games. We never use shock collars, or domination training methods. Basically, your dog will learn to work for you because it's awesome to get praise, toys and/or treats!

Sending your dog or puppy to us will set it up to be a wonderful dog who understands how to behave like a dream! For a dog or puppy to be really successful with this training, you will need to reinforce their behaviors throughout their lives. Don't worry, we will be there for you along the way. Most of our programs will earn you 1-2 in-home training consultations to teach you more about continuing the training, and we are always available to help through email or phone consultation.

We work to teach obedience skills, household manners, impulse control, and confidence! We do not currently take in dogs with behavior issues such as dogs that show major aggression or fearfulness or intent to bite.


  • We require Bordatella and Rabies vaccines for all of our Board N' Train students. 

  • Unfortunately, we do not take dogs that are aggressive with other dogs or humans in for board & train. If your dog is aggressive, we are happy to help you through private 1on1 training!

  • Dogs must be able to stay quiet in their kennels and not bark for a few hours at a time.

  • If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Available Programs

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