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Private 1on1 In-Home Training


Our in-home training sessions are conducted by highly trained and experienced Pro Dog Trainers. We use positive reinforcement training techniques along with interactive concept games to make training FUN for you and your dog! 


Are you looking for your dog or puppy to become a better listener to many different life situations? Our private in-home training sessions will teach you how to become the person your dog WANTS to listen to in any scenario!

Many clients bring us in to help with unwanted behaviors like jumping, inappropriate barking, counter surfing, separation fear/anxiety, pulling on the leash, and over-excitement. We can also help you teach your dog better focus, calmness, and standard obedience cues.

You can sign up for one or multiple training sessions! Our suggestion for new clients is to register for four sessions. Our initial training session will provide you with actionable steps to achieve the results you are looking for. The following three sessions will work on improving/troubleshooting these skills and help you and your dog learn anything else you'd like!

We want you to feel safe and comfortable at every training session during this pandemic. Our trainers are fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19 and are happy to wear a mask during your appointment.

Private 1on1 training Cost:

$150 per one hour session

$575 for 4 one hour sessions

$850 for 6 one hour sessions

Private 1on1 Training Availability: Weekdays 11am-4:30pm

Purchase a session below, and we will email you to schedule your training session(s)!

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Private 1on1 Virtual Training

Would you like to learn from our Pro Dog Trainers from anywhere in the world? 

You can take our online Zoom dog training sessions from anywhere! An excellent option if you want the personal touch that comes from a private lesson, but you live out of the Twin Cities area.


We host our virtual dog training sessions via Zoom video call. Trust us; it's so easy that anyone with a webcam on their computer, tablet, or phone can do it!


$70- 30 minutes

$120- 60 minutes

We schedule online Zoom trainings weekdays 10am-5:30pm Central.

Purchase a session below and we will email you to schedule your session(s)!

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